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Our Pastor

Pastor Kerry Tague and Wife Angi

Pastor Kerry Tague and Wife Angi

Life for me has always been about building relationships.  I love people and have had the opportunity to be a student pastor, associate pastor and worship pastor.  My trust is in the Lord but believing in people has always remained.

My heart is to serve and serving goes way beyond a service or platform.   Because I understand what it means to go through difficult times, I desire to reach our community, not only on a spiritual level, but also on practical and emotional levels as well.

If you like eBay, I am an eBay addict (not really that extreme), I love hot rods, and football (go Colts!).  I’m a drummer… really!…and I’ve had the opportunity to play with the some of the best musicians around.

I love being a family man and have been married to my bride, Angi, for 24 years.  We are the proud parents of our awesome sons, Cole and Luke.  We love grillin, chillin, and watching Monday Night Football.

I would love for you to come to Life House and give church one more chance.  I continue to believe in the church and hope you will make time in your schedule to come and check us out!  You never know; it may change your life!

Growing Together,

Kerry Tague
Senior Pastor